Auto Liability
Auto Liability provides coverage for the legal liability of a trucker who causes Bodily Injury or Property Damage due to negligent ownership maintenance or use of their vehicle. The insurance company agrees to pay on behalf of the insured for this legal liability. These policy types can vary from mileage reporting, gross revenue, or your traditional scheduled vehicle type policies. 

This type of coverage protects the trailer that does not belong to you while in you possession under a written trailer or equipment interchange agreement in which you assume liability for loss to the trailer while in you possession.

Cargo Insurance
This type of coverage covers damage/loss to freight in transit. This coverage can have many exclusions such as unattended vehicle, maximum theft limitations on target commodities such as garments, liquor, electronics and a whole host of others. It is very important to read this policy closely in the event you think you may be covered for something and you are not.

General liability
This type if insurance protects the business for any property damage or bodily injury that might occur which does not involve a truck. Typical examples of this would include the slip and fall exposure at your place of business, advertising related exposures, and/or contractual exposures you may get involved in.

Physical damage
This type of coverage is for your truck and trailer. Your premium is based on the value of your equipment. Usually a percentage of the value. This coverage is not required by law but if you finance your vehicle the lien holder will require it. It is important to insure your vehicle for the real value. Not over or under value the vehicle as the insurance company will only pay market value at the time of the loss.

Non-owned trailer
This type of coverage protects the trailer you are pulling for someone else based on the value they require.

  • Auto liability insurance coverage

  • Dry and refrigerated cargo insurance coverage

  • Truck or trailer physical damage coverage

  • Trailer interchange coverage

  • Non-owned trailer coverage

  • Truck or trailer physical damage coverage

  • Commercial general liability

  • Bobtail (light or heavy) coverage

  • Garage liability

  • Excess Liability coverage

  • Excess Cargo coverage

We wil also insure your:


  • Contractors Pick-up and utility vehicles

  • Limousines

  • Car haulers

  • Tow Trucks

  • Dry and refrigerated cargo

  • Sand and gravel dump trucks

  • Local, interstate and long distance radius

  • Single owner operators

  • 1 truck owner operator to 10 units truck fleets

  • 10 to 100 or more units truck fleet

  • Liability and Cargo with Gross receipt policy

  • Truck, car or van

  • Home owners insurance

  • Boat, bike or RV

Here at GENESIS COMMERCIAL INSURANCE GROUP, the founder of our company grew up in a trucking environment, his father being truck driver all of his life to this day. Our founder's father himself took on the road like most of our clients. That's why we understand first-hand the frustrations and challenges that our clients endure on a daily basis and we understand how important it is not to be on the road alone, and to get to where you're going on time, without interruptions or delays. Genesis Truck Insurance Services is proud to say that "we'll be with you on the road" to avoid any interruptions as much as we possibly can to get you back on the road when you need it.  Our friendly team of experts work so hard to offer you the following services:

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